Smart Homes

Personalized Smart homes management.


Identifying the individual wants within the home


Personalization per individual


Keeps your privacy safe

Personalized Smart homes management
Identifying the individual wants within the home
Each home user will have his own different smart home actions within the general smart home. Creating a family smart home for everyone together having an individualized solution within for each specific home resident.
Actions can be done according to each individual identified person. One person prefers having the air conditioning on 23 degrees Celsius when entering the home, and the other person at 24 degrees Celsius when entering the home.
We use AI to learn the wants and needs of each home user and suggestion smart home actions individually to each person. So the system will learn and adjust the smart home accordingly.
Due to the system capabilities, the home alarm will operate and identify unknown persons. This means that people that are not registered will not be able to enter. In addition, caretakers and other personnel can enter only at specific times without triggering the alarm.
The System can also register working hours of help/cleaner/caretaker and report to the system owner.
The system uses a non-hackable solution that eliminates the risk of pictures privacy issue, so you can use it anywhere even in the most private areas.
By using very low bandwidth the system almost does not impact your internet connection.

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