Private and safe environment for the elderly.


live alerts and detection before injury


Detect irregular behaviors


Keeps your privacy safe!

Providing a non-hackable solution that supports privacy and creates a safer environment for the elderly at home with a community feeling around them.
Using a safe non-image system, we track the behavior patterns and detect behavioral changes.
By Using AI to analyze those changes, healthcare providers can react to the developing problem and treat or visit the patient, in a quicker and more efficient way.
Receiving data and using it to set real-time priorities for necessary visits, decide which expertise are needed and what medical problem might start that needs early attention and reaction.
The technology could also identify the behavior of someone who falls down and immediately sends that information to medical staff to ensure faster reaction time. By using AI the system will learn to detect some of the trajectories of events leading up to the incident.
We can detect the first signs of potential depression, loneliness, track movement and
provide a detailed report when visits by professional caretaker took place.
By analyzing behavioral change, changes in movement as well as the change in visitors frequency, we can analyze the data and suggest frequency of care-takers. Such system helps in managing care-takers activity and prioritizing their activities and locations to visit.
A non-hackable solution that eliminates the risk of pictures privacy issues.

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